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The Science Behind CR7 Drive

The science behind the development of CR7 Drive by Dr John Heiss Ph.D . Before joining Herbalife, John was the founder of Prolong Energy, an endurance sports nutritional company. He earned a Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). in biological chemistry.

Food Diary Including CR7 Drive

Here’s an example of an elite athlete’s food diary, including the new Cr 7 Drive Drink. Like many elite athletes she will change her diet (Periodised Nutrition) depending on how many weeks until the race. This food diary is for training block leading up to her recent win at Ironman Coeur d’Alene.

CR7 Drive

Coming soon…. CR7 Drive a game changing hypotonic sports drink. Contact us more details

Any serious athlete knows that proper nutrition is absolutely vital to strength and performance.

Ronaldo gets it…


“Being in good shape is so important. It’s a weapon for me, because I think it’s something that gives me an advantage over other players.”

“Herbalife products are fantastic, and they’ve helped me a lot”

CR 7 Drive – Cristiano Ronaldo is driven to perfection

Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer champion and Herbalife sponsored athlete, talks about his childhood, love of soccer, and becoming a professional athlete. CR7DRIVE.