Here is an eating plan for the marathon:

Complete Product Line For Your  Marathon Training:

Formula 1 Sport to start your day that gives you complete cellular nutrition. It is similar to the regular Formula 1 nutritional shake, but with a few tweaks to give the athlete the edge.

Hydrate is for anytime of the day to replace electrolytes and vitamin B and C  during a light workout.

Prolong is used during the longer workout( over an hour)  providing carbohydrates, electrolytes and proteins for prolonged energy. It gives the athlete a rapid, sustained energy for the serious workout.

Rebuild Endurance is for the aerobic athlete after their workout. It rebuilds nutrition and water and replenishes glycogen. It is good for serious aerobic workouts, running or any cardiovascular exercise. Speeds recovery time. It can also benefit the person doing a moderate workout at just half a serving.

These products can be mixed or matched to meet the athlete’s needs. See endurance training chart.

Sports Nutrition Programme