The offficial media launch of the RBS Six Nations in London last week included a question and answer session with the captains from all competing countries, on stage in front of a full house of 100 journalists and sponsors.

Eventually, the host got round to Kelly Brown, starts at 16.28

The question was innocuous enough but Brown had no intention of providing a straight answer.

‘F-f-f-f-first of all, c-c-c-can I t-t-t-take this op-op-opportunity to thank you f-f-f-for leaving the stam- stam-stammerer to second last and really let-let-letting the pressure build,’ he said to the hapless host, with a kindly twinkle in his eye.

“Everyone has a challenge in their life, so nobody gets an easy ride,’ he continued. ‘It’s maybe just that my challenge is a little more obvious. If I can use it to inspire other people, or other stammerers, then obviously that’s a good thing” Kelly Brown

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