Andy Murray World No 3 feels the benefits of following a gluten free diet.

“It definitely helps,” Murray said. “I slept probably seven-and-a-half hours after playing singles and doubles the day before and woke up feeling fine and obviously started the match well today, too, so that’s one of the benefits of doing the diet, taking it seriously: I’ve felt much more energetic.

“Mentally, I feel very fresh. I think I’ve paced myself through the year pretty well but physically I feel fine. I wake up in the morning and I feel okay. A lot of it could be down to diet but also the work I do in the gym and the way I’ve gone through the year.”

The article goes on to say ” removing gluten from your diet can lead to lacks in essential nutrients, and advise professional consultation and monitoring to anyone adopting this dietary adjustment. A well-balanced meal plan is essential for the gluten intolerant, and with the physical requirements an athlete needs to maintain, it’s a must to have expert help and oversight. With the rigorous impact of tennis tournaments and constant training regimens, and the resultant physical strain on the body, diet plays a major role in sustaining and repairing muscle stress and fatigue. No. 1 seed Djokovic, and now No. 3 seed Murray are finding the benefits an advantage.”

Full article from the Tennis DailyNews: Andy Murray Gluten Free Diet/