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Meal Planning For Athletes

While many athletes go through a bit of trial-and-error with their meal planning until they come up with a plan that works for them, there are a few key points that all athletes should keep in mind when trying to match their...

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Herbalife Athlete Lounge London

Luigi Gratton, M.P.H., Vice President, Worldwide Product Marketing, give a tour of the Herbalife Athlete Lounge in London. See what awaits our sponsored athletes as they are treated to the best we have to offer. From Products,...

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Gluten Free Diet For US Golfer

Michelle Wie recently revealed on a social media website that she is susceptible to allergy and often faces trouble gripping the club. “I am allergic to everything in this world, I don’t really digest food very...

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Andy Murray Is Following A Gluten Free Diet

Andy Murray World No 3 feels the benefits of following a gluten free diet. “It definitely helps,” Murray said. “I slept probably seven-and-a-half hours after playing singles and doubles the day before and woke up feeling fine...

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Tips on Pre-Race Nutrition

Being an athlete is a lifestyle requiring nutrition 24 hours a day. Choices in how you prepare, fuel your body, recover and rest make a definitive difference in your performance. Athletes need to fuel up in the morning, since...

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