When you exercise purposefully and concentrate on specific muscle groups you want to get bigger, stronger, and more flexible, you may get some normal muscle soreness as a sign that you are exercising some muscles for the first time. To reduce soreness do the 3 R’s – Refuel, Rehydrate, and Repair (see slide).

1) You Refuel your muscle as you exercise with glucose in your Sports Drink to maintain your stored of glycogen which is the local source of carbohydrate starch in your muscle. You burn mostly fat during endurance exercise, but the glycogen stores can be depleted if they are not refueled.
2) You Rehydrate your muscles as sweating causes you to lose water and electrolytes like Magnesium, you need to have sips of Sports Drink every 15 to 20 minutes using your thirst as a guide.
3) You Repair your Muscles with a Post-Exercise Shake containing 20 grams of protein within 30 mins of exercise. These steps along with fish oils and foods rich in antioxidants will help control Muscle Soreness which can occur 24 to 48 hours after exercise. This soreness is caused by stretching the muscles with eccentric exercises which cause some inflammation which helps to build muscle by activating uptake of amino acids and new muscle protein synthesis (see slide). Some soreness is normal as you build Muscle with Resistance Exercise but you can reduce this with the 3 R’s…

DR Heber – MD PhD Prof Emeritus Founder UCLA Center for Human Nutrition // Chairman Herbalife Nutrition Institute.

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