Top Tips from England Rugby:

Graeme Close and Michael Naylor offer expert insight

“Nutrition for us rugby players is huge. We’re not cover models and we never will be. We’re performance athletes and we have to fuel our bodies. You have to look at food first.” James Haskell’s message is an uncompromising, honest one. Now into his 13th season as a professional, the Wasps and England back-rower has built up an acute understanding of his body’s requirements.

  1. Evidence based
  2. Nutrition key for recovery
  3. Eat 4-5 times a day
  4. High quality proteins eaten throughout the day – chicken, eggs, fish etc
  5. Vegetables a huge part of the diet
  6. High quality carbs – Sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice etc balanced towards individual needs
  7. Healthy fats important – oily fish, nuts, avocado
  8. Stay away from refined foods e.g white bread, white rice, white pasta, processed meals and junk food
  9. Education of players, personal diet coaches. Explaining why doing something so players make better choices