The Marathon Men 2103 arriving in Guildford to a warm reception:

“Relentless Forward Motion”

“That quote has been so vital in getting us through this challenge”

“We fought on in time to meet Lottie and Phoebe, two members of Tom’s class from school who had volunteered to run in the last mile with us. The incentive was there; run it home with the girls and get to that High St where friends and family would be waiting. It was the quickest mile of the day and we were astonished to see a wall of colour, smiles and excitement as our heads appeared up the cobbled hill. We rode in on a wave of applause, and cheering and before we knew it we were under the clock being swamped by all of those friends and family who have been with us in spirit for this entire journey. Not just for the last 11 days but the past 18 months of planning, training and stress. This one was for you.”