Extreme athlete, photographer and environmental activist Sebastian Copeland talks about the dream, the inner drive and the focus on nutrition that is required to take on the challenges of an a Polar expedition.  He prepares for the journeys on which he embarks with cardiovascular and core training, as well as hill climbing with a 100 pound vest. As for his diet, Herbalife24™ products have been an important part of his most challenging expeditions.

“The beginning of a long expedition is pure hell. Every step you take is painful, so you must arm yourself with patience and the understanding that the whole nature of this exercise is really about putting one foot in front of the other.”

“When you’re out on the ice, everything comes at you. You’ve got this freezing cold arctic wind that penetrates you to the bone. You have no option but to just move forward.”

“Herbalife has been a part of the most challenging expeditions that I’ve done and the products have become a really critical and ongoing part my diet.”

“Putting the right scientifically balanced nutrition in my body is critical for me to be performing at my peak.”

“I’m big on the Herbalife24™ product line. That’s generally what I go to.”

The products he use includes Prolong, Rebuild Strength and the protein bars.