PSV is one of the most successful football teams in the Netherlands. Like many football teams in Europe, PSV enter multiple competitions and they need balanced nutrition to support their efforts. Herbalife24 also helps the team recover between games.  Herbalife are the team’s Official Sports Nutrition Supplier.

Favourite products:
Protein Bar – Vanilla Almond and Chocolate/peanut flavors,
Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport
Herbalife24 Hydrate
Herbalife24 Rebuild Endurance
Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength

Science shows that proper nutrition at the cellular level is at least as important to both health and athletic performance as strength training, cardiovascular training, and recovery time. In fact, it’s the foundation for everything else. When you’ve trained as hard as you can, supplementing your diet with nutrients designed specifically to boost muscle growth, recovery, circulation, energy efficiency, andresilience of muscle fibers and connective tissue make all the difference.