Herbalife Nutrition, an ongoing proud partner of ProActive Sports Performance, congratulates the athletes who participated in the 2018 Combine training class for their commitment to nutrition and peak sports performance. The class, which occurs annually, is a test of a player’s mental and physical readiness to play professional football, which includes being at the right weight and body composition. This year, 10 players who worked with Herbalife Nutrition while training at ProActive were drafted by professional football teams across the country.

“We work closely with ProActive throughout the year because we both understand the impact that training in combination with personalized nutrition has for athletes to maximize their performance,” said Dana Ryan, Ph.D, director, Sports Performance and Education at Herbalife Nutrition. “Many athletes are unaware of the importance of good nutrition and the positive impact it can have on their performance both on and off the field, and we’re proud to help create inspiring results on their journey.”

herbalife nutritionFor more than four years, Herbalife Nutrition has worked with more than 50 athletes training for the Combine, with the vast majority of them joining the top professional *NFL teams. One player’s story that has gained momentum is that of offensive tackle, Orlando Brown Jr., an athlete who trained at ProActive in preparation for the 2018 NFL Combine.

Brown’s journey has not been an easy one. When he was 15, his father, a 10-season professional football player nicknamed “Zeus,” passed away due to complications of diabetes. It was then that he made a promise to himself and to his dad to follow in his footsteps on and off the field.

Heading into college, Orlando Brown Jr. tipped the scale at more than 415 pounds. He lost weight at Oklahoma, but truly focused on it heading into the combine. **He engaged in an 8-week personalized nutrition plan with Herbalife Nutrition and a training program at ProActive where he lost almost 30 pounds through hard work and commitment.

“The nutrition goals we set to prepare for the 2018 NFL Combine were difficult and required commitment, but well worth the results,” said Brown. “It’s a lifestyle, it’s who you are, and if you want to maintain it, it’s going to take a lot of work,” added Brown, whose goal is to someday be a hall of famer.

Brown realized his dream of going pro on April 28, when he was selected in round three of the draft by the Baltimore Ravens, the same team that his father once played for.

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*Herbalife Nutrition is not affiliated with the NFL or the Baltimore Ravens.

**Orlando Brown Jr.’s nutrition program was personalized based on his height, weight and energy expenditure and monitored by a nutritionist. Herbalife Nutrition does not recommend rapid weight loss for the average consumer