Team Herbalife Leisure Lakes is proud to announce the amalgamation of these two great companies to take this cycling team forward in 2012. Herbalife are no strangers to the road racing scene, but for Leisure Lakes it is a new venture.

For 2012 Team Herbalife Leisure Lakes will be using Herbalife 24 nutritional products for racing and training which provides a full complement of nutritional requirement for the competitive athlete around the clock. The Herbalife 24 programme provides the athlete with the right ingredients in the correct quantities, to train and recover, without becoming deplete of the essential macro nutrients . The Herbalife 24 products allow for training preparation, refuelling and electrolytic replacement whilst racing, to recovery and muscle repair post exercise. ‘Prolong’ has a revolutionary formula that eliminates the need for energy gels and reduces muscle breakdown during prolonged periods of exercise.

Team will be entering the 2012 road racing season after a superb 2011 season, finishing 4th overall in the national rankings, ahead of many professional teams with much larger funding.

Full Press Release on Team Herbalife and Leisure Lakes Bikes Team